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Control Web Software System
 Rapid application development and runtime environment.
Control Web device drivers
Control Web device drivers work as software layer between Control Web application and input/output devices. Control Web can communicate with various devices (PLCs, input/output units, plug-in cards etc.) with proper driver. It is possible to communicate using standard protocols (like OPC or DDE) or even with virtual devices like WWW site.
OPC Server
Control Web Development version
Development version of the Control Web system is intended for application development and testing. Although it is possible to run the application from the development version, typically the application is translated and saved to the '.cwx' file, which is intended for Runtime version of the system. Application in the CWX format cannot be modified, updates and changes can be performed only using the Development version on the '.cw' files.
Control Web Runtime version
Runtime version requires application in the '.cwx' format, created from '.cw' source code by the Development version. This format is not text-based, but contains translated application. Application running in the runtime version cannot be modified and cannot be converted back to the source code. This protects the intellectual property of the author of the application.
Software is the key to digitization and smart production
Control Web Express
Control Web Express is ideal for light and single-purpose applications with small demands on the number of data elements. Apart from a limited number of selected virtual instruments, Control Web Express has no other restrictions on system functionality. Control Web Express is available as a runtime version. For Control Web Express, there are also Express series drivers that are available at a lower price. The Express series drivers offered by our company cannot be used in standard versions of the Control Web system.
Control Web
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