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Control Web device drivers
Control Web device drivers work as software layer between Control Web application and input/output devices. Control Web can communicate with various devices (PLCs, input/output units, plug-in cards etc.) with proper driver. It is possible to communicate using standard protocols (like OPC or DDE) or even with virtual devices like WWW site.
Control Web drivers download
DataLab IO driver for Control Web
The driver provides digital and analog values of input/output modules of DataLab IO4 and DataLab IO1 devices to the Control Web application or to any application capable to communicate with Active X components. (more...)
OPC driver for Control Web
 The driver allows Control Web to communicate with arbitrary OPC server. The driver is compatible with OPC Data Access v1 i v2 standards published by OPC Foundation. (more...)
Control Web MODBUS drivers for communication over serial interface or TCP/IP
 These drivers provide interface among Control Web process control software system and one or more devices (e.g. PLCs) using MODBUS serial protocol or MODBUS TCP protocol. (more...)
Control Web driver for SMS (Short Message Service) communication
 Driver for sending and receiving of SMS messages over GSM mobile network (more...)
Control Web—Watchdog driver for DataLab PC
Control Web driver for MPI/PROFIBUS for Siemens SIMATIC PLCs
 The S_MPI driver provides communication of Control Web application with SIMATIC S7 PLCs over the MPI or PROFIBUS protocol. (more...)
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