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Control Web Development version
Development version of the Control Web system is intended for application development and testing. Although it is possible to run the application from the development version, typically the application is translated and saved to the '.cwx' file, which is intended for Runtime version of the system. Application in the CWX format cannot be modified, updates and changes can be performed only using the Development version on the '.cw' files.

As opposite to Runtime version, the Development version contains the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) window, within which the application is created and modified.

Control Web IDE in the graphics mode

All changes performed in the graphics mode are automatically generated to the application source text and vice versa — changes in the source text are reflected in the graphics view. Applications are always saved in the form of the source text to the '.cw' files.

Control Web IDE in the text editor mode

There are two more windows often used during application development process — Instrument Palette window and Instrument Inspector window.

Instrument Palette

Virtual instrument's properties, colors, procedures etc. can be modified using uniform Instrument Inspector window, which shows all properties of the particular virtual instrument.

Inspector enables modification of instrument's properties

Number of educational application examples are installed with the system. Example drivers of industrial devices with source code are also installed together with the complete driver documentation. This enables everybody to write own driver for any hardware device needed for the application.

The complete product documentation counting more than 1500 pages is also installed with the system. The documentation is in the standard CHM form and can by viewed and/or printed according to the user preferences.

CHM file viewer with the Control Web documentation

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