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DataCam Cameras and DataLight Lighting Units
 Digital CCD cameras and lighting units for machine vision systems.
DataCam CMOS cameras
 Moravian Instruments offers the DataCam cameras equipped with CMOS image sensors. (more...)
DataCam ETH Adapter
 DataCam digital cameras use USB 2.0 interface for communication with the host computer, offering high transfer speed up to 480 Mbps and plug-and-play connection. Moreover, USB interface includes power supply for cameras, which do not need separate power supply, but on the other hand, the maximum distance between cameras and computer is limited. DataCam ETH Adapter removes this only disadvantage of the DataCam cameras USB interface, and allows the DataCam digital cameras to communicate with the computer over long distances using the fast 1Gbps Ethernet interface. In addition, up to 4 DataCam cameras can be connected to the single DataCam ETH Adapter without the necessity of using additional active network elements. (more...)
DataLight illuminators for lighting in dark field
 The choice of the right way of scene lighting decides about successfulness of solution of machine vision tasks and visual inspection. DataLight DF15 lighting units can help us solve surprisingly many problems with illuminating transparent, shiny and embossed plain objects. These illuminators can e.g. highlight unclear prints of integrated circuits and even a dust on a mirror. Let's see what the principle of lighting in dark field is and how can these illuminators be useful for us. (more...)
Machine vision lighting units
 Choosing the right lighting can be in some cases more important than the choice of the right camera. Useful complement to the DataCam cameras can be the DataLight lighting units, which are possible to control directly by these cameras. (more...)
Exact measurement of drills and mill tools using camera and Control Web
 Camera inspection systems usually provide fast measurements in the captured images, but if a high precision and reproducibility is required, the cost of such systems significantly rises. We would like to introduce a camera inspection system, which achieves high precision and reproducibility even with very attractively priced components. (more...)
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