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Control Web Express
Control Web Express is ideal for light and single-purpose applications with small demands on the number of data elements. Apart from a limited number of selected virtual instruments, Control Web Express has no other restrictions on system functionality. Control Web Express is available as a runtime version. For Control Web Express, there are also Express series drivers that are available at a lower price. The Express series drivers offered by our company cannot be used in standard versions of the Control Web system.

Overview of the differences between the versions of Control Web and Control Web Express

Property Control Web Express Control Web
Number of panels 1 unlimited
Number of instruments (inc. panel) 32 unlimited
Number of channels 32* unlimited
Number of all data elements 64* unlimited
Number of drivers 1 unlimited
Direct channels no yes
Static variables in instruments no yes
Archive section no yes
Alarm section no yes
alarm_and_archive sections no yes
Import and export of sections (scope) no yes
Module export (scope) no yes
Module import (import) no yes
Modular applications no yes
Network applications no yes
Library support no yes
Number of runtime instances on one PC 1 unlimited
Unavailable virtual instruments active_x, alarm_viewer, draw, httpd, library, sql, table, 3D instruments, instruments for SPC/SQL, wmr -
Possibility to use Express series drivers ano no
Possibility to run a CW application as an OS service ne yes
* incl. array items

The Express products are available in electronic form only.

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