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64bit version of Control Web is here
 “64bits” is a new marketing buzz-word in the world of mobile phones and tablets, but it is rather common in the world of Personal Computers. Despite the 64bit systems are available for many years, especially recently number of newly installed 32bit systems sharply declines and 64bit systems dominate. Surprisingly, general understanding what does it mean is very low and particularly baffling is the fact, that 64bit operating system is (fortunately) perfectly capable to run 32bit applications. The answer to the question which driver version (32bit or 64bit) to install requires understanding of a few concepts. (more...)
Control Web® version 6—distribution of new version began!
 Switch to the new version of Control Web! New features were described during last months both on our web site as well as in the specialized magazines. Now is the right time to upgrade and to start using the latest and most advanced version of Control Web 6®. (more...)
Control Web 5 Service Pack 14
 Service Pack 14 for Control Web 5 fixes problems, which occurred in the Control Web 5 process control software. Service Pack 14 can be downloaded from Software download section or it is possible to order in on CD-ROM. (more...)
Control Web as a Nuclear Power Plant simulator
 Nuclear power plant simulator is a computer program, which simulates and also visualizes processes performing in the actual power plant. The simulator is primarily intended for education and information about power plant functionality. (more...)
Control Web in the modern tramcar ŠKODA 14 T
 The modern tramcar Škoda 14T, with the coachwork designed by Porsche, attracts the attention in the Prague streets for some time. As is usual in progressive cockpits, the main driver interface consists of multifunction color display. The software for the 14T multifunction display was created in Control Web. (more...)
Accessing Control Web Application Data through OPC Interface
 OPC servers belong to most frequently used software for data communication among industrial devices and control computers. Thanks to wide availability and broad support of both OPC servers and clients, the OPC protocol can be also used to exchange data among different layers of process control software. There is an OPC client driver available for Control Web, which enables data exchange with any OPC server. It is now possible to access Control Web application data through OPC protocol for all OPC clients using the newly introduced product OPC server for Control Web drivers. This article describes basic principles and demonstrates configuration of the whole system. (more...)
Control Web and Windows XP Service Pack 2
 There are some important and useful security enhancements included in the Windows XP Service Pack 2. Probably the most important enhancement is the newly included Windows Firewall. The firewall is a software layer, which limits the information transfer between your computer and the rest of the network or the whole Internet. It also prohibits users from outside world to access your computer. The aim of this article is to demonstrate the basic principles of firewall configuration to successfully run the Control Web process control system on the computer with Windows XP SP2. (more...)
Control Web acquires full support of EIB bus control and visualization
 EIB (European Installation Bus) is intended mainly for intelligent buildings automation, where the various EIB-equipped devices can be controlled and monitored. With the powerful and easy-to-use process control software Control Web the possibilities even grow — all operations like archiving, monitoring, etc., which are rather difficult to implement using only EIB devices, can be easily implemented in Control Web. (more...)
Control Web as an HTTP server
HTTP server embedded in Control Web system offers much more than just visualisation and technological process control through WWW browsers. Control Web provides everything you need for the development and maintaining of a modern extensive WWW application. (more...)
Modern technologies of computer visualisation
 Don't you have a feeling sometimes that the industrial automation is a somewhat "boring field"? Maybe it is because people deal with it mostly for they have to under the pressure of circumstances. It is their job, their task. (more...)
What is new in Control Web 5 system?
 There is a great deal of changes. Let's have a look at least at a brief list and description of the most apparent new features. (more...)
It is time for a change for the better!
Control Web 5 is finally available. Long expected product, whose completion was postponed several times, is here! But this longer waiting was worth it. (more...)
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