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Overview of released versions of ControlWeb 8
 Each version of the ControlWeb system is kept up to date by actualizations during its whole active existence. These actualizations e.g. adjust the product to changes in newer versions of operating systems, extend functionality of separate components and also remove potential issues, found throughout the product's service life.

Control Web 8 Build 8.0.96 released 12. 3. 2024

Bug fixes

  • The Save( FilePath : string; JDStart, JDEnd : real; ...) procedure of the db_view device in the variants with setting the required interval worked badly with Unicode and CommaSeparator parameters.

  • The Save( ... ) procedures of db_view did not work in viewer_mode = chart for the indexed x-axis.

  • If the table instrument wrote the file at a screen resolution other than 100%, it did not save the font sizes in the embedded charts correctly.

  • The procedures SetFillOpacity( ObjectName : string; Opacity : real ) : boolean and SetStrokeOpacity( ObjectName : string; Opacity : real ) : boolean did not work correctly in the integrated vector graphics.

  • It was not possible for camera instruments to call some procedures for setting parameters (e.g. SetExpCompensation) in the OnStartup event procedures of sections or other virtaul instruments.


  • To instrument system_browser has been added OCL procedure ShowBrowser().


  • The background color of the integrated drawing editor now matches the background color of the instrument.

Control Web 8 Build 8.0.95 released 14. 2. 2024

Bug fixes

  • On the control instrument, the OnAccesDenied() procedure is called when a user with insufficient access rights clicks the mouse.

  • When program InCalc loaded a TBW file saved under a different DPI, the positions of the inserted frames (images,...) were calculated incorrectly.

  • Fixed an error in the report instrument when printing a Graph object that contained a time x-axis.

  • Editing the instrument panel templates could in some cases degrade the stability of the system.


  • To instrument sql has been added OCL procedure Export( RecordsetId : string; FileType : cardinal; Path, Delimiter : string; Unicode : boolean ) : boolean

  • Into InCalc program was added the option to omit leading and trailing spaces when loading CSV and TXT text files.

  • To instrument table has been added OCL procedures OpenTable( FilePath : string; DecimalSeparator : any; Quote : boolean; var ok : boolean ) and OpenTable( FilePath : string; DecimalSeparator : any; Quote, TrimSpace : boolean; var ok : boolean )

  • The select_mode parameter has been added to the sheet instrument to switch the table to a mode where entire columns are selected.

  • The AsyncSetNumValues procedure was added to the driver for working with the excel, allowing to write any number of values in one call.

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