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Installation and Activation

List of sections:

Computer and Operating System Requirements
USB key

The Control Web runs on standard Personal Computers (PC) with 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating systems. The development of these operating systems brought certain rules and services supporting application programs installation. The main reason behind these rules is to eliminate problems with installation (e.g. deciding on the folder in which the product should be installed) and mainly to simplify installation administration (e.g. repairing a damaged installation or totally uninstalling the product from the system). Control Web follows all these rules and uses the operating system installation services. Thanks to this, the installation is quite direct and uncaptious. The installation is described in detail in the Installation subchapter.

Computer and Operating System Requirements

The Control Web requirements for the computer are not extraordinary and it is safe to say it will work without any problem on all present-dat personal and industrial computers.

Obviously the demands on computers increase as the application grows. If the application contains hundreds of panels (operator's screens) and services thousands of input/output channels, the memory requirements will increase and equipping the computer with larger memory will be useful. It is also recommended not to omit other applications working together with the Control Web — for instance the SQL server may require hundreds megabytes of memory, so the computer with 4GB of RAM will work much smoother.

The Control Web is designed to work on the 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems of the Microsoft Windows family. Even though the Control Web works fine on both systems, the main difference is in the amount of operating memory the Control Web can use.

  • In 32-bit systems, 2GB of memory is available for each process, regardless of physical memory installed.

  • In 64-bit systems, practically the full range of 4GB memory is available for each 32-bit process.


The 64-bit version of the Control Web requires 64-bit Windows. Practically no memory restrictions apply for this version.

Rather higher hardware demands are required by the Control Web if you decide to use 3D graphics in your applications. In this case a computer with a graphic card supporting 3D acceleration in its hardware and equipped with at least 64 MB of video memory is needed. Luckily, the presence of relatively powerful graphics adapters is nowadays quite common and so the Control Web work without problems on all currently available personal computers.


The installation procedure is started automatically by the Control Web after you insert the CD-ROM into the CD drive. If nothing happens, you might need to start Autorun.exe located in the root folder of the installation medium. It is necessary to choose the language first:

The installation medium contains more products. In the following step, you can choose the product you want to install. In our case, select the Control Web:

Then it is possible to choose the product to be installed (Development version or Runtime version, 32 or 64 bit version) or simply browse the documentation.


Windows operating system enables preventing of automatic start of programs located on a CD-ROM. If you install the Control Web on an operating system that prohibits the automatic running of programs from a CD-ROM, run the installation program manually, e.g. by double-clicking on the file 'autorun.exe' in the root folder of the CD-ROM.

The Control Web can be also installed from a package downloaded through the Internet. This package is an executable ('.exe') file, the installation starts when this file is run. Unlike an installation from the CD-ROM, the whole process does not start by selecting the version or language version of the product. The language version depends on the downloaded file.

The first window of the Control Web Installation Wizard

The first window of the Control Web Installation Wizard

The installation is managed by the Installation Wizard and is carried out by simply clicking on the Next button to pass onto the next step using the default options. If there are serious reasons to change the default parameters, the Installation Wizard offers various options. We only recommend doing this if you know exactly what and why you need to change the default parameters.


The Control Web 8 can be used for application development and testing purposes completely free of charge. The need to obtain a license will arise only when the application is permanently deployed. When the application starts (in Runtime and in the Development version) it checks Control Web all licenses used by the running application (including drivers, VisionLab, Network Runtime ...). If a license is not available, the application will only run for 30 minutes. If all licenses are OK, the application runs without restrictions. If the application run is limited to 30 minutes, a warning is always displayed and the same warning is written to the application log file. It is not possible to change licenses while the application is running, for example by changing the HW key with the license. You no longer need a license to test communications with drivers Control Web or on the driver. Drivers from previous versions of the system (Control Web 5 to Control Web 7) are fully compatible with the version of the program Control Web 8. If a Control Web 8 Express license is entered on the system and the running application uses devices that are not available in the Express version the application will run without a license (express license is not valid for this application) and will run for 30 minutes. A similar situation occurs if the network application is run with a non-network runtime license.

Because the Control Web is a licensed product, it requires license validation (ensuring it is used legally) to run. Users can choose between two ways to validate the license:

  • There is a USB key connected to some computer USB port. It is necessary to have the key connected while the Control Web is running. Using of the key is described in the USB key chapter.

  • If the key is not used, the Control Web must be activated. Activation means simple exchange of license numbers between a computer, on which the Control Web is installed, and the activation server. The whole activation process is described in the Activation chapter.

USB key

The USB key is a small plastic or metal box with USB connector. It contains one or more licenses. The presence of the key on particular computer allows running applications or components, for which the key contains licenses, without any restrictions. The unregistered evaluation copy of Control Web becomes the full-featured development version, without the need to enter the license key and activate the particular copy. So the key is useful for customers who want to run one license on the company computer, his/her home computer and also on the laptop.

As all USB devices, also the USB key requires operating system driver to work properly.


There are some USB devices, whose drivers are already installed in the operating system. These devices conform to predefined device classes. For instance the USB Flash Disk works immediately after connection to the computer, because it conforms to the “mass storage” USB device class. But this is not the case of the Control Web USB key.

The best way of installation USB key system driver is to utilize the operating system Plug-and-Play features. The Plug-and-Play installation process is somewhat different in the WindowsXP and Windows2000 operating systems.

Installation of system driver

Before you plug the USB key to some USB port, start the installation of system driver from the installation medium or download it from Moravian Instruments website. On installation from media first select the language and pick the product USB Key Driver:

Select the version of the operating system (32-bit or 64-bit). The USB Key Driver InstallShield Wizard will start:

Proceed through the whole Wizard and after it is finished, plug your USB key to your computer.

USB key protected by PIN

The USB key represents a commercial value of licenses, which are stored on them. To limit the possibility of key misuse by inappropriate person, it is possible to protect the key usage by a PIN (Personal Identification Number). If the particular key is protected by PIN, it must be entered before its first usage. A dialog box prompts the user to enter the PIN:

The time, for which it is possible to enter the PIN, is limited and is displayed in the dialog box status line. It is also possible to store the PIN on the particular computer so the next key usage on this computer will not require it. But it will be necessary to enter the PIN if the key is used on some other computer.

It is necessary to specify if the key should ask for a PIN when ordering it. The PIN itself is fixed and the user cannot change it.

As already said, the key contains the licenses for one or more products. The unregistered evaluation copy of Control Web becomes full-featured development version when the key is present:


Loss of the key is in fact the loss of licenses presented on the key. It is clear that it is not possible to ask for a new replacement key containing old licenses without paying the full license price.


If the Control Web works without the USB key, it needs to be activated. Product activation lies in simple exchange of a few characters (letters and digits) between the installed product and the activation server (there are several ways of exchanging these characters, including a phone call, so it is not necessary to communicate with the server).


The registration number sent to the activation server during activation does not contain any personal information or other sensitive data.


Activation on a virtual machine requires certain changes to the system settings. In a virtual machine environment, you need to set a fixed MAC address on the network adapter. If you need to create multiple virtual machines with a single Control Web license (eg for backup computer purposes), you must activate all licenses in advance. By default, the number of activations is limited to three, but this number can be increased by agreement. It is still true that one license may be used only on one computer.

The Control Web can operate in several modes.

  • After installation the Control Web operates in the “unregistered mode”. In this mode you can work with the development environment, develop and save applications, test all instruments and drivers. There is only one limit. The runtime limit is set to about 30 minutes.

    If Control Web is running in the unregistered mode it notifies the user by the message box during each start.

    Unregistered mode notification

    Unregistered mode notification

  • Purchased versions of the Control Web always have a “license number”. The license number looks like this:


    “CC” is the code of the country (e.g. CZ), characters “X” are either letters or numbers. You must type this number so that the Control Web transfers from the demo mode to normal full running without functional restrictions. You can type the license number either after the start in the dialog window displaying the system mode by clicking on the Activation button or at any time from the development environment using the Licenses button in the Settings palette. In both cases the Component Activation Wizard is opened:

    Component Activation Wizard.

    Component Activation Wizard.


    Why is the wizard not simply called Control Web Activation Wizard instead of Component Activation Wizard? You can install other components, e.g. drivers, etc in addition to the Control Web. These components are activated in the same wizard as the system.

    The option List all licenses and registrations shows you the actual status of all system components — a list of installed drivers and whether they are correctly activated. We will not deal here with this option in detail, we will only describe the standard activation procedure.

    In the next step you can select the action.

    Wizard action option

    Wizard action option

    You can select a product, for which you want to enter a license number, from the offered list of components which is opened in the next step. This list will contain only one item, i.e. Control Web itself after installation. Select it and enter the license number in next step.

    Entering the license number

    Entering the license number

    If the license number is entered correctly the following step is displayed.



    The product is now successfully registered and all the restrictions of the unregistered mode mentioned in previous step will disappear. Now you can close the wizard by clicking on the Finish button or continue activating the product by clicking on the Next button.

  • As previously mentioned, the unregistered mode changes into the registered mode after entering the license number and all restrictions of the unregistered mode will not exist. The Control Web can be used to create and test applications, generation of applications for Control Web Runtime etc. However, the product is not yet activated, therefore, it will function only for 35 days from the moment it is registered. The last step is to activate the product which will cancel this restriction.

    If you work with a registered but non activated version, the system will notify you about this in a message box every time you start the it.

    Not activated version notification

    Not activated version notification

    This window will not appear if you decide to activate the product immediately after entering the license number. The next step in the wizard offers you activation options.



    There are several ways of activating. They differ according to used transfer method (Internet, mobile telephone, telephone, fax, ...), the speed of the response, etc. Individual methods of activation are described in detail.

    • Automatic activation through the Internet does not require any other steps by the user. Only the success or failure is displayed. However, the use of this option requires an active Internet connection.

      Component activation wizard will automatically connect to the activation server

      Component activation wizard will automatically connect to the activation server

    • Manual activation through a WWW browser is not quite automatic, nevertheless it is very easy. The wizard will open the WWW browser and directs it to the WWW pages. After a while the result of the activation will appear in the browser, e.g. as follows:

      Result of activation in WWW browser

      Result of activation in WWW browser

      Registration number is information which was sent through the Internet to the activation server. Activation number is the result of the activation. This number must be typed into the wizard to successfully activate the product.

      Please note that manual activation through a WWW browser requires a Internet connection.

    • Another option is activation by e-mail. The activation wizard creates a new e-mail message which is enough to send it.

      Automatically created e-mail message

      Automatically created e-mail message

      If you use an e-mail, the activation is not immediate. You can continue with the activation after you receive a reply containing the activation number. This activation method requires, in addition to Internet access, the correct configuration of the e-mail client.

    • GSM mobile phone activation by an SMS (Short Message Service) requires a mobile phone which can send and receive SMS. The page in the wizard will display the SMS text and the telephone number to which the text must be sent.

      SMS sending procedure

      SMS sending procedure

      After sending the SMS you will receive a response SMS with the activation number or with information why the activation failed.

    • The last method of activation is to create a document containing the registration number. The user selects the manner of registration — the document can be sent by fax or the registration number read into a telephone (if you call the Moravian Instruments) and request an activation number.

      If you fax or send the registration number by traditional mail, do not forget to mention how do you want the activation number to be sent back to you!


    The different methods of activation differ not only by the way of transferring the information but also in the response time. Internet activation, WWW browser activation and SMS message activation are quite automatic and respond immediately (the SMS response time depends on the respective operator capabilities). Activation is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days weekly. E-mail or fax activation requires action by the operator (for telephone conversation activation this is obvious) and the activation number can only be received during working days.

    However, when you receive the activation number, with the exception of fully automated Internet activation, you must enter the number in the last step of the wizard.

    Typing the activation number

    Typing the activation number

    The product is activated and there are no running restrictions after entering of the activation number.


    If we receive an activation number in an electronic form (e.g. it is displayed in the WWW browser or it is received by e-mail), you can use the clipboard to enter it. Even if the number consists of 6 groups and 6 edit boxes are displayed to type it, you can copy it to the clipboard (using the keys <Ctrl>+<C>) and paste the whole number (using the keys <Ctrl>+<V>) into the first edit box. Individual parts of the number are pasted in the respective edit boxes.

Activation Questions and Answers

Some frequently asked questions and answers regarding Control Web product activation.

Is the activation process time limited to working hours only?

Of course not. Activation codes are generated and distributed by computer without any working hours limitations. Activation can be performed 24 hours, 7 days in week.

More exactly the computer performs activation over Internet (be it directly from Control Web environment or through WWW browser) and activation using SMS (Short Message System) of GSM networks. Activation by e-mail message or phone call is performed by human operator only during working hours. But the necessity to talk with human operator is very rare and is intended for solving of exceptional and non-standard requests.

Can be one product activated only once?

No, single product (with single license number) can be activated up to three times at once. After some time period (currently set to several months) the system allows another activations.

Number of allowed activations is only an administrative measure, not technical limit. It is possible to negotiate changes and updates with our technical support.


The fact that single product can be activated several times is not an encouragement to software piracy. Single product license can be legally installed on single computer only! The ability to activate multiple times is only a protection of customers, who need to reinstall (and reactivate) the product e.g. after a failure of some computer component etc.

What happens when all allowed activations are exhausted?

When a product is activated multiple times at once, the activation server refuses to issue new activation number automatically. It is necessary to call our technical support and ask for unblocking of another batch of activations.

Can the computer hardware be updated?

Updating a computer hardware (expanding memory, replacing the CPU with a faster one, ...) is a common way to keep the pace with rapidly evolving information technology. New activation will be required when the operating system is updated or network adapter is replaced. All other components (RAM, graphics adapter, ...) can be replaced without affecting of activation.

What happens on laptop computers with variable network adapter configuration?

Current laptop computers typically have also wireless (WiFi) networking adapter beside the standard Ethernet adapter. Each adapter has unique MAC address, which is important in for activation. If individual networking adapters are not enabled and/or disabled by the user, there is no difference between such laptop and e.g. a desktop computer with two networking cards.

But if for instance the user disables the WiFi adapter when it is not used, then only one networking adapter, which would be also enabled when the product will be routinely used, should be enabled during activation process. It is also possible to perform activation independently for all present adapters (that means activate product when only one adapter is enabled). In such case the product will remain activated when at last one adapter is enabled.

How to solve problems with activation of Control Web Development Version used on customer's computer?

The best way is using of development version license on USB key. When the USB key is plugged into the PC, it is possible to work with full development version regardless of activation. Another possibility is to ask for issuing of time-limited activation. Such time-limited license can be obtained for free and number of such licenses is not limited (when the number is within some rational limits).

Another possibility is to use non-activated software for approx. 35 days. If the product was run on the particular computer for this time without activation, newly installed product will run for approx. 1 day only. If the product was installed and again uninstalled within single day, the run period of unactivated product remains 35 days.

Why the activation was introduced?

This question is the most difficult to answer, because it does not concern any technology. It is clear that one of the main reasons was at last partial reduction of software piracy. Activation system is quite complex and its development and continuous operation is requires some resources (the whole system runs on Control Web platform, of course). We meet illegal usage of software very often — it is no exception that single license is used many times, be it single development version used by many developers or single runtime license sold to many end users. Activation system cannot eliminate software piracy, but it rather works as moral appeal that software should be used in conformance with license agreement.

Activation system works reliably and it affects legal users only very slightly. It is a pity affecting of legal users cannot be eliminated at all.

But legal users can also use activation system to their advantage, e.g. activation server can display overview of purchased licenses. Activation system also protects investments of legal users — limiting of illegal copying of software crucial for development of custom applications eliminates unfair advantage of companies, who illegally use licensed software for free.

Once activated software can run “forever” without any limitations and requires no other communication with activation server. So it is possible to install and activate all software components at home and then deploy it to the target application even if there is not Internet connection, no GSM network and no other mean of activation.

If there are any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or by e-mail at support@mii.cz

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