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DataLab - Industrial input/output devices
 Modular industrial input/output devices with USB or Ethernet interface

The modular Industrial System DataLab IO allows users to configure the number, type, and direction of the measured signals exactly to fit the application. All DataLab IO units include a universal CPU unit to which I/O modules can be connected according to the type of signals (analog inputs and outputs, digital inputs and outputs, counter inputs, relay modules, platinum thermometer modules, etc.). CPU units for one, two or four modules are available.

DataLab models

DataLab IO

Unit suitable for rack or laboratory.

Available with 1, 2 or 4 modules for USB and RS485 and 4 modules for Ethernet.

DataLab Compact

The compact design saves space in the rack.

Unit available for 1, 2 or 4 modules for both USB and Ethernet

DataLab IoT

Units for Industrial Internet of Things.

  • Modbus TCP server

  • MQTT klient

  • RESTfull API

Ethernet module available only for 4 modules.


You can order DataLab units in our online store.

DataLab unit sizes

The unit size can be selected according to the number of signals.

One, two or four modules can be connected to each unit depending on its size.

The DataLab IoT and DataLab IO ETH (Ethernet connected) units only exist in the largest variant for four modules.

1 module

DataLab IO USB 1

DataLab Compact USB 1

DataLab Compact ETH 1

2 modules

DataLab IO USB 2

DataLab Compact USB 2

DataLab Compact ETH 2

4 modules

DataLab IO USB 4

DataLab IO ETH 4

DataLab IO COM 4

DataLab Compact USB 4

DataLab Compact ETH 4

DataLab IoT 4

DataLab modules

Depending on the type of signals (analog inputs and outputs, digital inputs and outputs, counter inputs, relay modules, platinum thermometer modules, etc.), the corresponding module can be selected.

Analog modules

Analog input module

Analog output module

Analog input/output module

Module for Resistive Temperature Detectors



Digital input modules

Isolated digital bipolar inputs DI1L a DI1H

Input Module with Common Ground DI2L a DI2H

Combined Modules

Combined Analog Input and Digital Input/Output Module AD1 a AD2

Combined Analog Input/Output

Digital Input/Output Module

Counter Modules

Digital Counter Input Module

Incremental Counter Module

Output modules

Open-Collector Digital Output Module

Open-Collector Digital Output Module with Common Ground

Digital Output Module with Solid-state Relays

8 Relay Outputs Module

12 Relay Outputs Module

Stepper Motor

Stepper Motor Controller Module

Software control of DataLab units

For communication with DataLab units it is possible to choose one of the offered variants.

DataLab IO and DataLab Compact

DataLab IoT

DataLab IO driver for Control Web
 The driver provides digital and analog values of input/output modules of DataLab IO4 and DataLab IO1 devices to the Control Web application or to any application capable to communicate with Active X components.
Industrial input/output system DataLab IO/ETH with Ethernet interface
 Modular system of industrial input/output devices DataLab IO allows users to configure numbers, types and directions of measured and controlled signals to perfectly fit the particular application. All DataLab IO devices contain universal CPU core, to which are attached various I/O modules according to signal type (analog and digital inputs and outputs, counter inputs, relay modules, modules for platinum thermometers etc.). There are CPU cores for one, two and four I/O modules available. CPU cores with USB interface offer very easy application (USB is Plug-and-Play), simple connection with standard USB cable, the possibility to power the device through the same cable and fully automatic configuration. The disadvantage of USB connection is limited length to 5 m. This disadvantage is completely eliminated by new CPU core for four modules with 10/100 Mbit Ethernet interface.
New DataLab IF/CAN interface unit
 The DataLab IF series of industrial bus interface devices was expanded with a new DataLab IF/CAN device. This interface device communicates with a host PC through fast USB connection and offers two independent, isolated interfaces for CAN bus. Communication speed of the CAN bus is 10 to 1000 kbit/s. The device is powered from USB connection.
New Analog Input/Output Module for DataLab IO
 Our customers feedback resulted into construction of the new precision analog input/output module, which combines 16-bit analog inputs (functionally identical to the AI3 module) and 12-bit analog outputs (functionally identical to the AO1 module). The new AIO1 module offers “one half” of each module—4 input and 4 output analog channels.
New DataLab IO2 industrial I/O device with USB 2.0
 New DataLab IO2 unit was added to the already very successful family of modular I/O devices DataLab IO. New device can handle two I/O modules, so it is positioned just between DataLab IO4, intended for four modules, and DataLab IO1, which can work with just one module. The new CPU unit fills the size gap in the current DataLab IO line and is especially appealing with the introduction of new combined analog/digital input/output modules. The whole family thus gains flexibility and usability—the I/O part of the automation solution can be designed to better fit user needs for less money.
New Modules for DataLab IO
 The DataLab IO system of industrial input/output devices was extended by two new modules furthermore enhancing its capabilities—AD2 (combined analog input/output and digital input/output module) and RTD1 (module for Resistive Temperature Detectors).
DataLab IO Selection Guide
 DataLab IO Selection Guide (download...)
Active X control for DataLab IF/EIB
 Active X control for DataLab can be used to easily read from and/or write to the DataLab IF/EIB industrial input/output devices.
Active X control for DataLab IO/USB
 Active X control for DataLab can be used to easily read from and/or write to the DataLab IO/USB industrial input/output devices.
DataLab IO/USB - Declaration of Conformity
 Declaration of Conformity for DataLab IO/USB (download...)
DataLab IF/EIB Active X and Control Web driver
Actual installation of DataLab IF/EIB driver for Control Web 7, Control Web 6 and Control Web 5.
This installation package includes drivers for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Control Web. (download...)
DatalLab IF/EIB Documentation
 Reference and user documentation of DataLab IF/EIB interface [pdf for web] (download...)
DataLab IF/EIB
 USB interface for connecting Control Web system device driver to EIB
DataLab IO Documentation
 Reference and user documentation of DataLab IO units [pdf for web] (download...)
I/O modules for DataLab IO
 Industrial input/output devices DataLab IO have modular design. It is possible to connect four modules to DataLab IO4, two modules to DataLab IO2 and one module to DataLab IO1. The basic DataLab IO device handles USB traffic and provides the power, while I/O modules perform the specified I/O operations.
DataLab IO—modular system of industrial I/O devices
 DataLab IO is a family of industrial I/O units with USB interface. Modular design of DataLab IO devices enables combination of I/O modules according to application needs—DataLab IO units have one, two or four slots for modules providing digital or analog inputs or outputs, counter inputs, inputs for various Resistance Temperature Detectors etc.