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New DataLab IO2 industrial I/O device with USB 2.0
 New DataLab IO2 unit was added to the already very successful family of modular I/O devices DataLab IO. New device can handle two I/O modules, so it is positioned just between DataLab IO4, intended for four modules, and DataLab IO1, which can work with just one module. The new CPU unit fills the size gap in the current DataLab IO line and is especially appealing with the introduction of new combined analog/digital input/output modules. The whole family thus gains flexibility and usability—the I/O part of the automation solution can be designed to better fit user needs for less money.

Introduction of combined analog/digital input/output modules often reduced the amount of modules needed to implement particular I/O requirements. Still, even if only two modules were required, the whole DataLab IO4 device had to be used. New DataLab IO2 unit allows implementation of the same functionality for less money and on the half of the DIN-rail space.

The DataLab IO device occupies only half the DIN-rail space of the DataLab IO.

The DataLab IO2 device occupies only half the DIN-rail space of the DataLab IO4.

Because the power requirements of many modules multiplied by two exceed the capabilities of single USB connection (500 mA), the new DataLab IO2 unit also incorporates the same power supply as the DataLab IO4 device. The user can choose if the device is USB-powered or if he/she provides external power supply from 10 to 40V DC.

The DataLab IO CPU unit incorporates own power supply

The DataLab IO2 CPU unit incorporates own power supply

The core technology of the whole family of DataLab IO devices is just moving from USB 1.1 to USB 2.0 standard. The USB core of the DataLab IO2 device is the first one operating at USB 2.0 High Speed data rate (480 Mbps). This brings not only lower overhead of the host PC, but also approximately 10× better round-trip-time. The typical response time of USB 2.0 DataLab IO devices shortened from several milliseconds to several hundreds of microseconds.

New DataLab IO1 (left) and DataLab IO4 (right) devices with USB 2.0 interface

Although all DataLab IO devices either already implements USB 2.0 or will implement it in very short time, they remain backward-compatible with USB 1.1 Full Speed host computers, extenders and hubs. Only the module response prolongs to the previous technology levels.

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