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New Modules for DataLab IO
 The DataLab IO system of industrial input/output devices was extended by two new modules furthermore enhancing its capabilities—AD2 (combined analog input/output and digital input/output module) and RTD1 (module for Resistive Temperature Detectors).

The new AD2 module is somewhat similar to the combined AD1 module introduced earlier. Its analog input part is identical (it provides 4 16-bit bipolar analog input channels) and two digital I/O channels are also implemented the same way (AD1 module provides four digital I/O channels). Two missing digital I/O lines (compared to AD1) were replace with analog output channels with 0 to 10 V voltage output or 0 to 20 mA current output. D/A converter used has 8-bit resolution.

Combined analog/digital modules AD1 (left) and AD2 (right)

The RTD1 module is intended for temperature measurement using Resistive Temperature Detectors (RTD). Supported RTDs are Pt100, Pt1000 and Ni1000.

Resistive Temperature Detectors module

Resistive Temperature Detectors module

For detailed description od all DataLab IO modules see the hardware documentation and DataLab IO driver documentation.


Driver version 1.10 and higher must be used to work with new AD2 and RTD1 modules. Earlier drivers do not support these modules.

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