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Communications (channels, drivers, network applications, web server)
 Control Web is ready for easy creation of applications that communicate with different types of devices. Control Web also has great support for creating large-scale network applications, and a web server can be part of every application. In this article you will find examples and examples explaining different ways of communicating.

Communication with peripherals - drivers

Drivers and channels

In Control Web, so-called drivers are used to connect devices. Some drivers are part of the system installation. Some need to be installed. The basic principle of working with drivers can be found in the article. here.

A complete list of drivers, including their documentation, can be found here.

Control Web and OPC

OPC is today one of the most widely used program communication interfaces in industrial automation. Thanks to standardization, it enables easy communication between products of different manufacturers.

The older OPC Clasic version is supported by the OPC Client driver..

The newer OPC UA (Unified Architecture) is supported by the OPC UA Client driver.

Communication with DataLab input/output unit

So that every user can try communication, work with channels and set driver parameters, We have prepared a DataLab and placed it on a public IP address. You can test the communication in the sample application.

For a complete description of how to create such an application, see the following article.

Working with Microsoft Excel

Part of the Control Web 8 installation is a driver for communicating with Microsoft Excel. The driver allows you to work from a Control Web application with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The spreadsheet driver uses Microsoft Excel, so Microsoft Excel is required to be installed at least 2007. Excel is running as a stand-alone process when it is working with a spreadsheet, it can be visible or hidden.

You can download the sample application here.

A detailed description of the driver can be found here.

Control Web as a web server

If you insert an httpd instrument into the application, HTTP or HTTPS server will be included. In the following simple examples we will show some of its basic options.

Displaying variables

Web server can insert values of variables from application into prepared HTML document.

Displaying instruments

The current appearance of any instrument in the application can be viewed in a web browser. The httpd instrument (web server) can render any instrument to memory on demand, create an image and send it to the client.

Dynamic generation of HTM document

HTML documents can be dynamically generated by the application procedure at every request.

Access to the Control Web's archived data from the Web

It is possible to display archived data via a web server, for example in the form of graphs.

For a complete description of how to create such an application, see the following article.

Accessing Control Web Application Data through OPC Interface
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