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3D Graphics
 Integrating virtual or augmented reality into an application is not too difficult. Even so, it is good to see how the 3D scene is connected to the virtual instruments of the interface via data elements of the data type. The scene writes its rendered image to such an element and, conversely, reads information from another about the position of the head, spatial controllers and the user's hands. Here are a few examples to help you get started and understand the basics faster. (download...)
 In addition to the ambient texture, a normalmap and an heightmap can also be entered for the material. An bumpy surface is then rendered using a shader, the shape of which responds to incident light. (download...)
 With this texture, the environment can shine on the surfaces of objects in the scene. (download...)
 You can use the fog effect to reduce the visibility of objects in the scene to a limited distance. In the sample application we can also see how the movement of the camera in the scene can be interactively programmed. (download...)
 Apply the lens flare effect to light sources in a scene. (download...)
 Some objects, such as gl_poster, may shine to reflect the image of other objects in the scene. At the same time, they can be transparent and can have an uneven surface defined by a map in tangential space. Similarly, for example, the animated water surface is both transparent and reflective at the same time. (download...)
 Demonstration of how to easily incorporate volumetric shadows into a scene. The volume of objects shadow is created through their vector silhouette with respect to the current position of the light source. The shadows are therefore cast on all other objects in the scene, which are currently in the volume of shadows coming from the silhouettes. The calculation and the rendering of shadow volumes is solved using a graphics processor. (download...)
 In the space of the 3D scene, we see "infinitely far" in all directions. We can use the so-called skybox for the visual termination of the surrounding environment. These are six textures on the surface of the apparent cube, inside which we are, no matter where we move in the scene. (download...)
 If we use more 3D models and materials, then the usage of the templates can significantly simplify of the application creation. (download...)
 Example of visualization in a panel with orthographic projection. Even without perspective and depth of space, you can use the power of a graphics accelerator, including animations and graphic effects. (download...)
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