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Cameras and Machine Vision System - VisionLab
 Machine vision application can automate tasks, for which they would otherwise require human involvement or could not be realized at all. Apart from human, properly functioning application of computer image analysis does not suffer from typical human ailments such as tiredness, lack of concentration or common unconcern of employees. The computer can work constantly for 24 hours 7 days a week.
 Significant points in the image are those around which the brightness changes in several directions. For each such point, its directional orientation is also detected as a vector of the largest brightness gradient in its vicinity proportional to the scale. This information provides us with an invariance with respect to rotation. Descriptor number vectors are further calculated for the image areas around the detected points. The descriptors characterize the directions, frequencies, and dynamics of the brightness gradients of the image function around significant points. This interactive application allows you to experiment with general object detection. (download...)
 You can use the power of the GPU to search for patterns in the image to solve tasks where alternative steps for the CPU run unacceptably long. When using steps that use a graphics processor, the computer's CPU is less loaded and the application program runs smoother. (download...)
 The interactive application shows some of the capabilities of the gl_camera virtual instrument. This instrument has image filters that can be used directly in the application without the VisionLab machine vision system. Filters use a graphics processor, so they are powerful and, in addition, their use does not burden the computer's CPU. (download...)
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