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Getting Started with Control Web
 Here you can find samples and videos for beginners. We will learn to create and run simple applications, explain the basic principles of system operation. We will also try to install the created application on the target computer.

What is Control Web? What are the possibilities and advantages of this system? You can find basic performances in this article.

If you are working with Control Web for the first time, try creating the first simple application. See this article for the procedure.

Control Web exists in two basic versions: development version and runtime:

  • The development version of Control Web is used to create and test applications. Although the application can work fully in the development environment, it is typically translated into a '.cwx' file for deployment of the Runtime version of the system before deployment. It is no longer possible to modify the application in the form of CWX, changes can be made only in the development version in the '.cw' files.

  • The runtime version requires an application in the '.cwx' format, ready for development. This format is not text-based, but contains a translated application. Thus, the application running at runtime cannot be modified in any way or its source form. This protects application application investments in application development.

More detailed introduction to the Control Web environment, how to edit applications, how to set parameters for individual devices and how to run the application in runtime version can be found here.
Analog value display

A simple demonstration application shows different options for displaying the analog value.

Display value including unit

All virtual instruments that display numeric values have a mask parameter that allows you to specify how the numeric value will be displayed (for example, you can enter in the mask: ***. ** kg).

If you need to display more complex units containing different powers, it is possible to use the character for the corresponding power value in the mask (the character can be inserted for example by the Character Map application of the operating system).

Parameter backup

If the user sets some values in the application, the application must remember these values even after stopping and restarting. In this example, you can see how to set up data element backup in the Control Web application.

Button in application

Do you need a button in the app? With text and a nice icon? Use virtual instrument button.

The instrument allows you to combine text with an icon and set any desired position in the parameters.

In response to pressing a button by user, the OnPress event procedure is called, where you can write any custom script. If you can't write procedures yet, see the programming and procedures chapter.

Table view

Do you need to display a simple table? Programmatically change her appearance? Allow some users to edit some cells? Use the instrument sheet.

You can find more examples in the following chapters:

Archiving values by data_recorder virtual instrument
Example of archiving values using the data_recorder virtual instrument. This virtual instrument allows archiving data not only to databases on SQL server, but also to DBF, TXT, CSV, XML files. (download...)
panel - container for virtual instruments
The virtual instrument panel is designed to collect multiple virtual instruments into one object, which can be displayed, hidden or minimized (if the panel is in a window) according to specified logical conditions. In the sample applications, you can see how to respond to a click on the closing button of a panel window and how to call procedures to virtual instruments registered in the panel. (download...)
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