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Moravian Instruments at IDEB 2008 fair
 Our company participated on the IDEB 2008 fair in Bratislava, Slovakia. This fair, held on the end of this April, is focused to military and security technologies and we exhibited unique systems for live panoramic image synthesis as well as mobile multi-sensor perimetric monitoring system PAVLA. (more...)
Live panorama image synthesis in GPU
 Very high computational power of modern programmable GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) enables implementation of panoramic cameras based on principles, which were behind the capabilities of computers available only a few years ago. The ability to create single 360-degree panoramic view from images acquired by multiple cameras at high frame rate is now also part of Control Web image processing virtual instruments. (more...)
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Moravian Instruments, Masarykova 1148, Zlin 4, CZ-76302, Czech Republic