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Control Web 8 License
 The licensing system has been greatly simplified in the new version. A large number of users are accustomed to the older system and do not know about the Control Web 8 licenses. Here is a simple description of how not to get lost in the Control Web 8 licensing system.

The basic principle is very simple:

  • In all versions of Control Web 8 without a license (development, runtime, network runtime, express runtime) the application runs for 30 minutes.

  • Editing the application in the development version requires no license. Any driver or VisionLab can be used, no license is required.


In previous versions of Control Web, a VisionLab license was required to edit the VisionLab machine vision application. In Control Web 8 it is possible to edit machine vision applications for free.

Start and run the application

To run the application permanently:

  • Control Web 8 - License to run the application

  • Licenses for all of the drivers or for VisionLab

When the application starts, the system creates a list of used components. If a valid license is available for each component, the application will run without restriction.

If no license is available for component or license is not valid (for example due to expiration), the running of the application will be limited to 30 minutes. The user is notified about this by "operating system bubble" and in the system log file.

If a Control Web Express license is entered in the system and the running application uses instruments that are not available in the Express version. The application will run as it is not licensed (express license is not valid for this application) and will run for 30 minutes. A similar situation occurs when a network application runs with a license for a non-network runtime.

The license must be available throughout the run. For example, if the license is on a USB key, the key must be connected throughout the run. It is not possible to change or add licenses at runtime. If the application has been running for 30 minutes. It is no possible to add a license during the application run. The application must be restarted when the license is completed.


Control Web 8 allows you to test communication with the driver without a driver license. You can simply download the driver and Control Web 8 from the web and try it immediately.

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