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Control Web 8 start distribution of the new system!
 Use the new version of Control Web 8. You will have plenty of new options. You can download and develop your applications for free. You can install all the drivers for free, as well as the VisionLab machine vision system.

Control Web 8 you can download here.

New features

Simple license terms

  • It is now possible to use Control Web 8 for free for development and application testing. The need to acquire a license arises only when the application is permanently deployed.

    At the start of the application (both in runtime and in development), Control Web checks all the licenses that the running application uses (including drivers, VisionLab, Network Runtime ...). If a license is not available, the application will run for only 30 minutes. If all licenses are correct, the application runs unlimited.

    If the running of the application is limited to 30 minutes, a warning is always displayed and the same warning is written to the application log file.

    It is not possible to change licenses at runtime eg. by changing the HW license key.

    No license for Control Web or driver is required to test driver communications. You can download the i Control Web driver for free from our website.

    Drivers from previous versions of the system are fully compatible with Control Web 8.

Control Web 8 in UNICODE version only

  • Control Web version 8 does not distinguish between ANSI and UNICODE. Control Web is always UNICODE.

New vector graphics options

  • The virtual instrument panel can render vector graphics on its background

  • Added powerful graphics editor for vector graphics (panel background)

  • New procedures for working with vector graphics objects

  • New hybrid instruments can exist in a 2D panel as well as in a 3D scene

  • The panel in the window can be used in any rendering mode

Integrated web server with HTTPS protocol

  • The embedded WWW server now allows the use of a secure protocol HTTPS (HTTP Secure). Security is done by encrypting all communications between the client and the server.

Control Web system core

  • Waiting for the instrument to complete communication (according to the timeout parameter) is now non-blocking. It does not block the running of other instruments.

  • Multidimensional arrays

  • Array of constants

  • Instrument pointers

  • New procedures for working with instrument pointers (eg instrument enumeration in the panel)

  • New system procedures for working with string and file

  • Added the possibility to use language expressions in procedures

  • New driver interface using .NET

    Driver implementation simplified

    It is possible to call driver procedures from the application

Databases and reports

  • The report builder has been expanded and upgraded

  • Extend the capabilities of instruments to track alarms and historical data

  • Driver for cooperation with Excel

VisionLab machine vision system

  • New camera device event procedures (when reading image, starting and ending steps ...)

  • New data object data for passing general data between steps

  • Minor improvements to the VisionLab editor

New virtual instruments

  • New virtual instruments for stereoscopic space sensing

  • New device for displaying single and two-dimensional barcodes

Artificial Intelligence

  • Neural Network - new virtual instrument

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