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Card payment is now available on our online store
 Our online shop has been extended with the option of online payment by credit card and automatic generation of license numbers as soon as the payment is completed. (more...)
Control Web 8 — start distribution of the new system!
 Use the new version of Control Web 8. You will have plenty of new options. You can download and develop your applications for free. You can install all the drivers for free, as well as the VisionLab machine vision system. (more...)
Industrial input/output system DataLab IO/ETH with Ethernet interface
 Modular system of industrial input/output devices DataLab IO allows users to configure numbers, types and directions of measured and controlled signals to perfectly fit the particular application. All DataLab IO devices contain universal CPU core, to which are attached various I/O modules according to signal type (analog and digital inputs and outputs, counter inputs, relay modules, modules for platinum thermometers etc.). There are CPU cores for one, two and four I/O modules available. CPU cores with USB interface offer very easy application (USB is Plug-and-Play), simple connection with standard USB cable, the possibility to power the device through the same cable and fully automatic configuration. The disadvantage of USB connection is limited length to 5 m. This disadvantage is completely eliminated by new CPU core for four modules with 10/100 Mbit Ethernet interface. (more...)
New Analog Input/Output Module for DataLab IO
 Our customers feedback resulted into construction of the new precision analog input/output module, which combines 16-bit analog inputs (functionally identical to the AI3 module) and 12-bit analog outputs (functionally identical to the AO1 module). The new AIO1 module offers “one half” of each module—4 input and 4 output analog channels. (more...)
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