DataLab - DataLab PC/IO
CodeProductPrice for system integratorsList price
  (excl. VAT)(excl. VAT)
IO-1504DataLab PC/IO 2004
2GB RAM (memory size optional) + CPU module of DataLab IO unit
 580 EUR 644 EUR
 Control Web: ---   
 Control Web: DL-CW8SR Control Web 8 Runtime DataLab Edition   297 EUR
 Control Web: DL-CW8NR Control Web 8 Network Runtime DataLab Edition   425 EUR
 Operating system: ---   
 Operating system: DL-W10IOT-E Windows 10 IoT Entreprise LTSC (Licence Entry)   83 EUR
 Ovladač pro Control Web: ---   
 Ovladač pro Control Web: DL-MB485 Modicon MODBUS DataLab Edition   168 EUR
 Ovladač pro Control Web: DL-MBTCP Modicon MODBUS TCP/IP DataLab Edition   168 EUR
IO-CFC32CFast Card 16GB
For DataLab PC and DataLab PC/IO
 70 EUR 78 EUR
IO-RS485EExternal RS-485 Interface Module
For DataLab PC and DataLab PC/IO
 124 EUR 138 EUR
IO-KBMSKeyboard and mouse (MK-120) 31 EUR 35 EUR
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