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DataLab industrial input/output system
 The DataLab Industrial Computing System provides a comprehensive range of I/O units, compact embedded computers and panel computers and monitors for easy and efficient industrial automation tasks.

Modular input/output devices

Modular industrial input/output devices with USB or Ethernet interface.

DataLab PC

DataLab PC line of PC compatible, compact and robust industrial computers is intended for embedded applications in industrial environment.

DataLab LCD

Industrial flat panel monitor with touch-screen.

Panel PC - DataLab PC/LCD

DataLab PC/LCD Panel PC - a compact and affordable display terminal that does not force compromise on performance and application program scope.

DataLab PC
 Industrial computer system consisting of PC compatible computers for embedded applications, USB input/output modules, LCD monitors with touch-screens.
DataLab - Industrial input/output devices
 Modular industrial input/output devices with USB or Ethernet interface
DataLab PC/IO
 PC-based computers for embedded applications combined with modular industrial input/output devices with USB interface
DataLab LCD
 Industrial flat panel monitor with touch-screen
DataLab Articles
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