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DataLab PC - compact PC for embedded applications
 DataLab PC line of PC-compatible, compact and robust industrial computers is intended for embedded applications in demanding industrial environment. DataLab PC brings the power, flexibility, compatibility, exceptionally wide support of hardware and software suppliers and low price to industrial automation systems.

DataLab PC is a new line of compact computers fully compatible with PC standard, but designed to work in industrial applications, laboratories and schools.

DataLab PC compact and robust case

DataLab PC compact and robust case

DataLab PC computers employ low-power VIA EDEN processors, which enable working without active (fan assisted) cooling of CPU an chipset. This ensures durability and reliable operation required in industrial applications. On the other side the compatibility with the PC standard (VIA EDEN processors are fully compatible with x86 architecture) relatively high performance, rich set of interfaces, communication capabilities and low price bring numerous advantages:

  • Full compatibility with PC standard allows running of numerous operating systems (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux), including systems designed for embedded applications (Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, Embedded Linux).

  • Small, compact and robust case protects the computer against mechanical damage and allows easy manipulation. DataLab PC can be easily mounted on standard DIN rail.

  • Low power consumptions of CPUs (CPU and chipset heat sinks are passive, without fans) ensures long durability without maintenance.

  • High performance and large memory (it is possible to plug 64 MB up to 512 MB or 1 GB memory module to standard DIMM slot) enables running of big and demanding application.

  • Users can choose between standard 2.5" IDE hard drive or Compact Flash (CF) memory card (it is necessary to use embedded OS like Windows XPe to use CF card instead of HDD). Ability to work without hard drive adds to the overall reliability of the whole computer.

  • There are DataLab PC variants with standard 230 V/50 Hz AC power supply as well as DC power supplies.

  • Presence of all standard PC interfaces (RS-232C, LPT, Ethernet, USB 1.1 and 2.0, VGA, PS/2 keyboard and mouse, Audio) on the standard ATX panel makes DataLab PC as flexible as standard desktop PCs.

  • The DataLab PC incorporates hardware USB-based watchdog. The watchdog driver in the forms of Windows DLL, Active X component and Control Web driver is supplied with every computer.

  • DataLab PC computers are ideally suited to run Control Web process control software.

DataLab PC ATX IO panel side and power supply side with CF slot, 12VDC output and RS-485 connector

Abilities of DataLab PC computers are demonstrated e.g. in applications bridging the worlds of WWW, SQL and GSM. DataLab PC runs here as server performing Control Web activations through HTTP protocol over Ethernet interface and SMS messages received from GSM mobile phone network. It also provides services to Moravian Instruments personnel through web server interface.

DataLab PC in the rack with the Siemens M35 GSM gateway

DataLab PC in the rack with the Siemens M35 GSM gateway